This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children

COVER PICTURE WHITE LETTERING“This book was born as a Letter to My Children one long night before a surgery. Just in case I didn’t come home, I wanted to leave my children in my own words the foundation of a parent’s advice and love. So I stayed up all night and wrote…about life, not about goodbye.  Afterwards, I put my letter away for almost twenty years as my life needed more insight before finishing the book.  Then fate, in it’s profound wisdom, gave me a deeper experience recently.  For the last eight years I have been living what was to slowly hone me into who I have become…later in life.  Later is always better than never, however, in my book I expound on the fulfilling meaning that comes from tapping into your talents and passions sooner than later.  My book is about what took me a lifetime to experience, years to discern, the last eight years to endure, and over two years to write.”  Velinda

When I was a kid, I struggled from a very young age to raise myself as my brother and I were left alone most of the time.  By the time I reached the pre-teen and teen years, I had no foundation of how to get along in life, no social skills, no self-esteem, no vision of the future. What I desperately needed was a structured lifestyle with parents who were there for me.

In my young adult years, the lack of a “normal” childhood left me searching for answers and struggling to get along.  Looking back, I knew had my childhood been nurturing with family structure and parental advice, my path in my adult years would have been significantly different without so much unnecessary struggle.

I felt the pain and lifelong emptiness of not knowing what my purpose and my calling was.  Going through life without the passion and fulfillment that people who live within their vision have, is a lifeless routine.  It wasn’t until trauma and the beautiful opportunity that comes from the storms of life that I found and started to live my purpose.  How I wish I would have known sooner what I know now. Living my passion would have happened sooner.

Life was constant struggle, confusion, stress and disappointment.  I was always searching and knowing deep within that there was more, but I didn’t know what it was or how to find it.  Consequently I floundered, went in all the wrong directions, spent too much time in the wrong jobs while searching for answers in the wrong places.  And the wrong places started with not knowing myself.  What I did know is that it wasn’t the world I wanted to live in.

I lived deprived of dreams and longings my soul was yearning for because I didn’t know myself, and because I had no idea I had so much more power over my life than I imagined.  Then when my metamorphosis in my mid years finally happened, I walked out of my history and into a brand new life although it was laced with pain and confusion at first. I went on a journey of intense discovery that ended up lasting ten years.  During those years I immersed myself in every positive, life altering, self discovery, spiritual, empowering book, seminar, video, class or event I could find.  I studied everything.  And it finally all came together.

After I published my book in February of 2012 I continued to post positive quotes, articles, and thoughts on my webpage and Facebook page,  Positive Thoughts on Life.  I had started the webpage in 2011 but stopped posting to finish my book.  When I came back seven months later, the whole Facebook atmosphere had changed.  There were now dozens more new “quotes” pages that were posting awesome, inspirational quotes like I was.  The quotes I posted were just as inspirational, but the world didn’t need another quotes page as there were plenty and my efforts seemed repetitive.  However, this change was exactly what I needed.  I knew that posting quotes was only a start…that I had to do something different.

The Perfect Solution:  After several presentations about my book to groups of people all ages, they started asking if I offered a class or seminar on the topics I talked about.  They wanted to know more and were inspired by the possibilities they were awakening to that they had never thought about. Coupled with my deep, heartfelt desire to help young people find better directions in life and my years of personal growth study, I decided to start This Brand New Day.

When you finally realize what you are meant to do, and you take action to do it, you all of a sudden feel alive and your direction in life is clear.  That is what This Brand New Day has to share.  The steps it takes to realize all this wisdom without having to wait a lifetime like I did.  Please join me and let me teach you the best of what I know so you will gain the clarity needed to realize your destiny and life purpose now.

This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children, can be purchased from Amazon in ebook or print at the above link or here on this site.