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“This world is what you are born into Life is how you create it Not a bad childhood, toxic people, adversity, lack, handicap…NOTHING can keep you from creating a wonderful life for yourself… Continue reading

Words and Values to Live By


Don’t Compare…Do Life

Don’t wait for time…make it Don’t wait for love…feel it Don’t wait for money…earn it Don’t wait for the path…find it Don’t wait for opportunity…create it Don’t go for less…get the best Don’t… Continue reading

Now…Go Get It

You can make a wish, or you can make it happen.   You can dream a dream or you can make it come true You can envision your life or you can live… Continue reading

We are Reborn Every Day

On this day of rebirth it is important to remember that we are reborn every day.  We wake up reborn into the new day, we are reborn with every new positive thought, and… Continue reading

What Kids (and Adults) Need to Know (NOW) From Someone Your Age

This message is great (in spite of the language)