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“A spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist, animal and nature lover, and writer with a financial consultant background.  My passion is turning my past experience and wisdom into a springboard for helping people through my websites,… Continue reading


  Know that just because today is not what you want it to be doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t bring everything you desire.  Time, persistence and Faith bring change and success. and  Miracles and… Continue reading


The question you need to ask yourself is not “Why” or “Why doesn’t this end”.  The question you need to ask is “What can I do with this to give it meaning and… Continue reading


(This bears repeating…supplement to my post on 4/19/17  EMBRACE ROCK BOTTOM) There will come a time when you will feel like you’re at bottom You’re trying really hard, but nothing good is happening… Continue reading

Faith is a Knowing

It’s so important to have faith no matter how bleak things may seem.  Faith alone is magical.  Just the attitude of believing that it will all work out has a way of making… Continue reading

This is a Brand New Day

No matter what your disappointments or challenges from the past may have been, This is a Brand New Day.  Dream bigger, try again, have faith, envision your life the way you want it… Continue reading