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Is It Your Fault if You Can’t Heal Yourself? – Part 1

  Dr. Lissa Rankin | January 30, 2013 From: Positively Positive   With more and more people viewing both my first TEDx talk—The Shocking Truth About Your Health—and my latest TEDx talk—Is There… Continue reading

Has The Health Care Industry Lost Its Moral Compass?

By Lissa Rankin, MD Monday, December 17th, 2012 Medicine is filled with good people doing the best they can to operate in a bad system. In my experience, most people in the health… Continue reading

The Nocebo Effect: How Negative Thoughts Can Harm Your Health

Dr. Lissa Rankin | January 23, 2013 From Positively Positive  Most of us have heard of “the placebo effect”—the heal-inducing effect patients in clinical trials experience when they believe they’re getting a fancy… Continue reading