Our “Beyond” Program Outline

The Difference…

 Imagine how One Decision could Change Your Life

What If there was something Life-Transforming you have overlooked all your life that was right in front of you?

What if it was Real Change that was Lasting?

What if there was a Different Way, something you had not thought about?  Something life changing that that you had never been introduced to and didn’t even know you could tap into it?  What if there was a Missing Link that most people have not thought about, have not been introduced or exposed to…something so Profoundly Life-Changing that you knew you had to make it a part of your life forever.  Something lasting that would change your life for the better for the rest of it?

What if there was a Different Life you have envisioned for a long time or something you have always wanted…you could feel it, sense it, and knew it existed…but you didn’t know exactly how to find it?

What if you could finally Discover this now?

And what if in just a few short weeks you could tap into this New Way of Life?

What if this Program was the answer?

Yes, this is a very big claim…but what if it Works?

The most profound realization I have learned in my life is understanding that the missing link is within us…it’s been there from the beginning of our life…the magic that changes everything and we’ve had it all along.

  All you need is inside of you and it’s the only place that you will find it.

After a life-altering experience, many years of struggle, and years of study, I have come to realize that our destiny is in our hands.  Most people don’t understand the power they were born with to control their destiny.  And few people know how to use these powers. This class will enlighten you about the powers you were born with and how to use them.  It is a whole different way of thinking, behaving and living than most people are not taught or used to.  For many people, the techniques taught in this Program will be extraordinary breakthroughs of wisdom.   And you should graduate with an intense deepening of your relationship with yourself.  You will be empowered with a mindset of how to align your personal powers with your goals, dreams and visions.

If the circumstances of your life at the time are not what you envisioned as a happy life, you have to accept that no matter how unwanted or unfulfilled life may be now; the circumstances are only temporary and can be transformed into the most beautiful life.

Why I teach this Program is because I want to share with others what has taken me the wisdom of a lifetime to learn and understand…what I know for sure…and empower others with this profound realization so their journey can be the best for the rest of their life.  True transformation and insight comes from experience.  Combine experience with knowledge and the combination is powerful.  I know there is so much more waiting for you.

Our Program is not about counseling, medical or psychiatric advice, punishment as a lesson, or endless searching as a way to promote change. It is not taught in school.  This Program is different from what we have traditionally been familiar with…something that can change your life for the better. 

Say “Yes” to change and “Yes” to Life and give yourself the chance to learn what will benefit you (and those you love) for the rest of your life.

This program must be approached with an open mind and an attitude of wanting a better chance at life.  People with a closed mind of resistance and doubt will not benefit from this.  However, there is no magic without the work. You have to do the work to achieve the results you desire.  You get out of anything in life what you put into it. Dreams and change only happens when you do the work to make them happen.

The magic is YOU and what you put into this. If you: attend the sessions, open your mind, contribute to the discussions, and do the work, you will walk away from here with enormous benefit that will enhance and change your life for the better.  I guarantee it.

Classes are approximately two and one-half hours for each session with discussion the last half hour.  The workshop is two weeks long (10 sessions) and can be scheduled in day or evening classes at request.  Location for each workshop to be determined.  We are not offering online courses as this Program necessitates in-person interaction.

Fee for each person is $250 for the class which includes interactive workbooks, daily take-home articles and tips for each section, referrals, and resources.  Groups of 50 or more will qualify for a discount.  Scholarships are available to people who qualify.

The Program Outline will be presented at the class*

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