Our “Beyond” Program Overview

With the first introduction of my book, This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children, to a group of adults, I was surprised to discover that people of all ages in the audience were interested in the content of my book and learning more.  Even seniors were looking for change, new meaning and to evolve their lives to a place of purpose and meaning now that they had the time to do so in retirement.  This realization caused me to shift my thinking from simply selling the book to offering this program and making it  available to people of all ages.

When I decided to write my book, it was a way to reach out to my children in a different medium as nothing I said seemed to penetrate their teenage brains.  I based the content of my book on a multitude of life wisdoms I wish I would have known at an earlier age as I wouldn’t have had to stumble and struggle so much.  Yes we all have to learn through life’s experience, but my struggles were more than that.  With a mother who was sick her entire life and a father who was neglectful and disinterested, I raised myself from early childhood on.  As I write about in my book, my brother and I were literally left alone as young children so I had no choice but to learn by default what was to become a lifelong struggle and way of living.  And that struggle was learning everything the hard way without much in the way of help or parental guidance.  I will tell you now that the hard way is not necessary when there are so many wonderful people willing to others with what they know.  We don’t have to waste our life going after the wrong things, in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.

Photo by: Alex Teuscher

Photo by: Alex Teuscher

Our program offers breakthrough enlightenment about finally living your passion, your dreams, and how to reach your highest potential. When we live outside our passion we flounder.  There’s an inner unfulfilled yearning and a restlessness to go in a different direction.  There is a deeper calling you ache to awaken so you can do what your soul desires. Every person has a talent and a vision to create something that touches the truth of who they are.  When you are not living that, you feel something is missing that your soul still needs to find.

Living with the mindset that all things are possible starts with releasing disempowering patterns, behaviors and thoughts that hold you back. Self empowerment is believing in yourself first…that you deserve an awesome life and finally making the decision to go after what you want. Real change starts with walking out of your old story and into a life that represents who you are inside and what you aspire to become. You can wait for all this wisdom to come to you with time or you can tap into the ideas, knowledge and experience of people who have been there and know how to transform life now. Had I known at a much younger age all the magic that was always available to me, my life would have been distinctly different. We offer a structured program to guide you out of comfort zones, open your mind to possibilities you never knew were there, give you the tools you need to change, and the insight of how to always be able to turn to yourself for the answers.dream life cropped and blurred

After years of research, seminars, and my own experience, I have put together a program to cultivate that inner vision that is unique only to you. This program gives you the power to develop the clarity to draw into your life the future you long for without any more floundering in the wrong direction. Realizing what your dreams are doesn’t have to take a lifetime to figure out. This program gives you a map and insight as to what you need to overcome, change direction and finally tap into your place of purpose. (Please see more about my story at This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children).

“Personal growth is not about perfection.  It’s getting rid of negative habits and thinking and creating an extraordinary life.” Nick Ortner

I have known so many remarkable, talented, educated people who have wallowed in a place of contentment their entire lives and given up on their dreams.  Somewhere in time their dreams were crushed by their perception of life, their expectations and the trials they were given.  I was one of those people. I struggled through my young adult years knowing that deeper burning to make a difference but not knowing how to do it or what it looked like. Then when adversity hit our family almost ten years ago, little did I know then that my journey through lifeless routine was about to end. That’s the beauty of adversity.  It is given to us to make us grow and bring about the change our soul desires.  Beautiful new life can come from the storms if we know how to transform the darkness.

For this reason, our program includes areas every human will encounter that throw us off course…the “selfs”, relationships, emotions, and the storms of life.  For years I existed with lifeless routine wondering why I had all these magnificent dreams that lay dormant inside of me.  It wasn’t until I did the inner work to overcome these obstacles that I was able to evolve beyond those walls. Therefore, our program is definitively different. We find the answer first by doing the inner work necessary to bring about the kind of clarity that escaped me for so long.  I know more than most people how important these steps are.

New best years

Photo by: Velinda Peyton

We are born to live with a sense of aliveness that is congruent with our authenticity.  Life is not the same when we live outside our passions, our purpose, our talents, and contributing to the greater good.  When we live authentically who we are meant to be, life is flowing and alive.  In the wrong life, we feel invisible, empty and unfulfilled.  If you are an adult in your mid years, you don’t have another ten years to spend time finding yourself.  And if you are a young adult, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to get it right from the beginning without years wasted in the wrong life.

This program will help you put it all together and you will leave with a deeper knowing of who your are, what you want, what you need to get it, and feeling alive with what resonates with you possibly for the first time in your life.

This program has to be approached with an open mind and the attitude of wanting a better chance at life.  People with a closed mind of resistance and doubt will not benefit from this.  However, there is no magic without the work. You have to do the work to achieve the results you desire.  You get out of anything in life what you put into it. Dreams only happen when you do the work to make them happen.

Youth Program

We offer workshops to empower youth as to making better choices about life decisions. We want to reach and teach youth before it’s too late.  In our youth program we offer intensive discussion about the issues youth and teens deal with in growing up…such as substance abuse and poor decision making.  The difference our youth program presents is through volunteer speakers that will be presenting their own stories, advice, discussion and guidance.  Most of these presenters are people who have been there and know the issues youth are going through.  The focus with our youth program is directed more towards the needs and issues of youth.

Adult Program

The foundation for the program is the same for both the youth and the adult sessions.  The difference will be how much time we spend in each chapter applicable to the group.  Adult sessions will be open to the discussion and issues that affect adults dealing with different life issues than youth.  These classes are appropriate for anyone who is serious about changing their life.

Fee for the Program

Fee for individuals is $500 and last approximately eight sessions.  Classes of over 50 will receive a discount.  Sponsorships will also be considered with qualification.

Our program is not and online program and is offered only in person.  It is also offered to groups (AA, NA, support groups, etc.) youth organizations, churches and schools.  If you would like to know more about our program, we are available to give a presentation at any meeting or gathering of what this program offers.  Please contact us here for more information.

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