Has The Health Care Industry Lost Its Moral Compass?

By Lissa Rankin, MD Monday, December 17th, 2012 Medicine is filled with good people doing the best they can to operate in a bad system. In my experience, most people in the health… Continue reading

What I Need is Love

Children after Divorce

Children of divorce need:  Dr. Phil from his show   Acceptance from both parents Assurance of safety Freedom from guilt or blame for the divorce Structure Stable parents that take care of the… Continue reading

Find Yourself…

This is a Brand New Day

No matter what your disappointments or challenges from the past may have been, this is a Brand New Day.  Dream bigger, try again, have faith, envision your life the way you want it… Continue reading

Introducing “This Brand New Day” Program

  All you need is inside of you and it’s the only place that you will find it. This Brand New Day Program

Advice for Parents of Troubled Teens

From:  Dr. Phil.com It’s normal for teenagers to want to feel independent. But it’s not typical for them to act out in dangerous extremes. If your teenager is creating self-destructive situations, you can’t… Continue reading

A Freer (Happier!) Way to Think

Deepak Chopra, co-founder of the Chopra Foundation and the author of God: A Story of Revelation, shows us how to bring lasting joy back into our lives. By Deepak Chopra From:  Oprah.com Every… Continue reading

Limiting the Effects of Negative Environments

Jack Canfield | November 21, 2012 From:   Positively Positive In an ideal world, we’d fully isolate ourselves from negative environments. The reality is that we can’t fully escape negative environments. However, there are… Continue reading

The Seven Deadly Sins of Divorce

 Experts weigh in on how to make splitting up less painful June 10, 2010 By: Natasha Burton Whether you are happily married now, or hoping to be one day, there’s one topic you’d… Continue reading

The Number One Thing to Look for in a Partner

Karen Salmansohn at notsalmon.com POSTED ON: September 21, 2011 Originally an article on Oprah.com Are you prioritizing finding a partner who is sexy, smart, charismatic, successful-in-their-field right now? If so, Charles Manson, Ted… Continue reading

You don’t need more experience, you need more courage

From:  Positively Positive By:  Selena Soo One of my friends recently shared with me, “I have a dream of starting my own business, but I’m not sure if I’m ready yet. Maybe I… Continue reading