Forging a New Career To Prevent Teen Suicide

After she lost her daughter, Jenny Wolpert pledged to help prevent teen suicide. By: The Aging Diva May 23, 2012 Source: Courtesy of Jenny Wolpert Jenny Wolpert’s favorite family photo reminds her why… Continue reading

Drug Proofing Your Home

From:  DUILA Dear Parents, This information is provided by Drug Use Is Life Abuse to help parents understand substance abuse. Drug abuse is too wide spread to assume that it will never touch… Continue reading

15 Things A Child Can Teach An Adult

From:  Purpose Fairy Paulo Coelho said that “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with… Continue reading

What Kids (and Adults) Need to Know (NOW) From Someone Your Age

This message is great (in spite of the language)

True Positive Thinking is Not the Absence of Negative Thoughts

By:  Don Shapiro | July 1, 2012 From:  Positively Positive  A positive focus in life, the type of focus that can help you achieve your goals, overcome adversity, and realize your full potential,… Continue reading

Is It Your Fault if You Can’t Heal Yourself? – Part 1

  Dr. Lissa Rankin | January 30, 2013 From: Positively Positive   With more and more people viewing both my first TEDx talk—The Shocking Truth About Your Health—and my latest TEDx talk—Is There… Continue reading

Create a Fearless New You in the New Year

Terri Cole | December 28, 2012 From:  Positively Positive About six months ago, we took our first Fearless Inventory. With the approach of the New Year, this is the perfect time to do… Continue reading

Here’s to the Ones Who…

Hannah Brencher From:  Positively Positive Here’s to the ones who were never normal. Never conforming. Never able to sink into the soles of a follower. Here’s to the ones who were told to… Continue reading

The Prescription For Gratitude

 By:  Lissa Rankin For those of us in the United States, today is a day of giving thanks, of counting our blessings, of expressing gratitude, of remembering how far we’ve come. But even… Continue reading

The Power of Unconditional Acceptance

Kris Carr  from Positively Positive Hi Friend, Once upon a time, I wanted to be a movie star, a fancy photographer, a pilot. I wanted to dance on Broadway (I did). I wanted… Continue reading

This is a Brand New Day

No matter what your disappointments or challenges from the past may have been, This is a Brand New Day.  Dream bigger, try again, have faith, envision your life the way you want it… Continue reading

11 Simple ways to Love Yourself More