Now…Go Get It

You can make a wish, or you can make it happen.   You can dream a dream or you can make it come true You can envision your life or you can live… Continue reading

We are Reborn Every Day

On this day of rebirth it is important to remember that we are reborn every day.  We wake up reborn into the new day, we are reborn with every new positive thought, and… Continue reading

Disrespect is NOT Okay

Allowing someone to disrespect you is not okay.  You can live without a lot of things or people in life. But you cannot live well without respecting yourself. Velinda

Teach Your Daughters…

What if Right Now is Your One Chance

If you wait until you are ready you will never begin.  You can’t constantly be getting ready to get ready.  So the question is not what would you do if you knew you… Continue reading

You Are Worth More

Is It Your Fault if You Can’t Heal Yourself? – Part 4

Dr. Lissa Rankin | February 20, 2013 In Part l, of this four-part blog series, I talked about how it’s ludicrous to blame anyone for getting or staying sick. In Part 2, I… Continue reading

Life Truths to Always Remember

Always Remember…

From: Karen Salmansohn


There is always hope for whatever you are going through.  The most important aspect of hope is the willingness to overcome.  Willingness never goes unanswered and never disappoints.  If the willingness is there… Continue reading

Someone Just Like You

Why Judge Yourself

Why judge yourself by what someone else is saying? They only know what they think. Can we fit our lives into the narrow confines of theirs? We can search our own souls. And… Continue reading