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This is Supposed to Scare You

I hope it does… Two Stories My Brother shared the following story about his neighbor’s son.  As an older couple with only one child, they have lived with a broken heart for twelve… Continue reading

Addiction Kills

Addiction Kills If you have a substance abuse problem, there is help.  There are detox, drug programs and sober living housing available everywhere.  You can contract your medical facility as a start to… Continue reading

Just Forever Say NO Dammit

I’ve heard it said that substance abuse addictions are a disease I’ve heard is said that once an addict, always an addict I’ve heard it said that addicts are recovered but never cured… Continue reading

Eleven Rules Your Kids Did Not And Will Not Learn in School

BILL GATES’ SPEECH TO MT. WHITNEY HIGH SCHOOL in Visalia, California. To anyone with kids of any age, here’s some advice. Bill Gates recently gave a speech at a High School about 11… Continue reading

Two of the Best things a Parent can do for their Children:

Two of the best things a parent can do for their children: One is to raise them to have self-esteem and value themselves. The other is to prepare them to stand on their… Continue reading

Real Love is Forever

And when the day comes that I am no longer here I will be in your heart forever like you are in mine forever

There is Always Help

Remember there is always help.  No one has to suffer from depression, isolation, drug or alcohol abuse or people abuse.  There is always a way.   This picture from Sober Nation Check out… Continue reading

Substance Abuse is Life Abuse…CHOOSE WISELY

The choices we make determine our life…CHOOSE WISELY There is so much more you will give up than what you think for something that is so self-destructive… © This Brand New, all… Continue reading

Always, Always Remember…

Your Problems are not going to Disappear

Your problems are not going to disappear  If ignored, they will only increase until they are out of control They will haunt you, stress you and sometimes immobilize you  Problems are a part… Continue reading

What Kids (and Adults) Need to Know (NOW) From Someone Your Age

This message is great (in spite of the language)

What Kids Need to Know…The Insanity of “Snitch” Ideology

The Insanity of “Snitch” Ideology by:  Velinda Peyton “It’s never too early in life to use common sense, do the right thing and forget about peer pressure” One of the biggest mistakes kids… Continue reading