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Life is Better Sober. Time to Start Living

“Life is better sober.   Sober up and stop killing yourselves and each other. Time to start living” Carlos Yesterday there was an article I posted from Sober Nation about the effects of addiction… Continue reading

This is Supposed to Scare You

I hope it does… Two Stories My Brother shared the following story about his neighbor’s son.  As an older couple with only one child, they have lived with a broken heart for twelve… Continue reading

Addiction Kills

Addiction Kills If you have a substance abuse problem, there is help.  There are detox, drug programs and sober living housing available everywhere.  You can contract your medical facility as a start to… Continue reading

There is Always Help

Remember there is always help.  No one has to suffer from depression, isolation, drug or alcohol abuse or people abuse.  There is always a way.   This picture from Sober Nation Check out… Continue reading

Drug Proofing Your Home

From:  DUILA Dear Parents, This information is provided by Drug Use Is Life Abuse to help parents understand substance abuse. Drug abuse is too wide spread to assume that it will never touch… Continue reading