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Life Truths to Always Remember


Always Remember…

From: Karen Salmansohn


There is always hope for whatever you are going through.  The most important aspect of hope is the willingness to overcome.  Willingness never goes unanswered and never disappoints.  If the willingness is there… Continue reading

Someone Just Like You

Why Judge Yourself

Why judge yourself by what someone else is saying? They only know what they think. Can we fit our lives into the narrow confines of theirs? We can search our own souls. And… Continue reading


Did you know that most people spend their lives in the behavioral state of complacency?  They dream, they imagine, they want, but they take no action.  Many times the reason why is because… Continue reading

Reality is Way too Serious….

Sometimes you just have to say enough… I want to have fun, I want to escape, I want to let go, I want to put responsibilities aside, I want peace of mind, I… Continue reading

Think twice before violating someone’s trust in You

Violating the sanctity of trust in another is crossing a delicate and sensitive line. Trust is one of the cardinal statutes of relationships.  Without it, a relationship will be shallow or not survive.… Continue reading

Faith is a Knowing

It’s so important to have faith no matter how bleak things may seem.  Faith alone is magical.  Just the attitude of believing that it will all work out has a way of making… Continue reading

You DO Deserve

Don’t ever feel you don’t deserve the best of everything.  That thinking alone will keep you from having all good things.  Whatever you feel you may have done in the past that you… Continue reading

Always, Always Remember…

This is a Brand New Day

No matter what your disappointments or challenges from the past may have been, This is a Brand New Day.  Dream bigger, try again, have faith, envision your life the way you want it… Continue reading