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“I found that every single successful person I’ve ever spoken to had a turning point.

The turning point was where they made a clear, specific, unequivocal decision that they were not going to live like this anymore.

Some people make that decision at 15, and some people make it at 50, and most never make it at all.”  

Brian Tracy

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Today more than any time in decades we are experiencing an expanding spriitual movement taking place, even among the younger generation. People are more open to spiritual wisdom and the resulting deeper meaning that is added to their lives from this awakening.  We are becoming aware of the abundant possibility that comes from a commitment to lasting spiritual and personal growth.  We want something better than just the status-quo of the past.  We are trying to figure it all out, wanting to grow and become a better person.  People are yearning to make a difference.  We want our lives to have a holistic, positive impact for the long term.  We want to stop going in the wrong direction, being way too impatient to wait for the acquired wisdom that comes with age.  And we are not willing to settle for less than the best, seeking the answers where ever we can find them.  Spiritual wisdom is the way to fulfill these desires.  This kind of wisdom affects everything you do.

Change is simply about choice.  It’s about saying ‘enough,’I deserve better, and I don’t want to wait…I want better now.

Wake up call:  Way too many people spend a lifetime existing in unhealthy or abusive relationships, jobs we hate, family turmoil that perpetuates, and children who grow up repeating the history. It doesn’t have to be that way. We need to wake up to the fact that we have control of our destiny and not a victim of fate.  That we can heal ourselves from illness, or at least contribute to our own healing.  That choices, abundance and happiness are our birth right. That we can make the decision to change our lives in an instant because we are never a victim of our circumstances.  That the past, heredity, poverty, or adversity is not a determination of our future. That we are meant to live our best lives, to be happy, to have meaningful relationships, healthy family lives, careers we love and have a passion for, and a healthy positive attitude towards everything.  These things are all within our control if we know how to access all this magic.

There is an undeniable beauty experienced when we change our attitudes, actions and behaviors towards the fulfillment of dreams and goals that inspire the greater good. When we strive to understand ourselves and co create our lives instead of acquiescing to the whims of fate,  we come into our own power.  Life and success is constantly about growing, learning and experience.  However, we can’t forget that ultimately, the beauty of success in life is attained from helping others, promoting joy and giving. And in the promise you make to this new way of life, you find yourself, your purpose and your own peace of mind. And life is then more fulfilling and happier.

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I tapped into this enlightenment about ten years ago even though I had been practicing and studying this spiritual phenomenon for many years prior.  This movement is not new, however, in the past was usually associated with the wisdom of age. Today people of all ages are hungry for a better life and to live their best selves.  We are seeing this craving everywhere even among seniors who are retiring and desiring possibly for the first time to live their dreams.

Self growth is not something we’re taught in school.  We learn this kind of wisdom through life experience or the desire to seek it sooner through others who have been there and can teach it

Spiritual enlightenment is a self-committed quest for authenticity and peace of mind. We desire to tap into the ability to connect with the abundance of the universe and what is freely and naturally available to us and always has been. This kind of self growth is a decision to learn everything you can as soon as you can and then apply it to life as soon as possible. Through education, mind and behavioral changes we find this pathway. Bringing this awareness to others is a personal mission generated from my own desire to acquire what I needed to learn to change my life and my destiny.

Starting This Brand New Day is a labor of love born out of experience, pain and ultimately the desire to empower others from my experience, what I studied for years and what I’ve learned.  The aim is to encourage, educate, and inspire positive change through the power of alternative attitudes and behaviors than what you have become accustomed to.  We offer a structured program with volunteer speakers and discussion.  We teach positive life choices and the ability to change and realize your destiny. We emphasize the power of creating your own future and building skills to awaken to your destiny by breaking through self-imposed limitations beyond what you thought was possible for yourself.

 Breaking through self-imposed or learned limitations is like going from a black and white world into a color world

Our Youth Program

When my kids were going through the confusion of the teen years, I met many kids whose young lives had already been touched by so much turmoil that they were  forever scarred.  At their tender ages, some of these kids had already lost hope.  They felt life would always be the hardship they had experienced and they would be doomed to an unhappy life.  Kids only see things as they are and their vision of the future is distorted.  In turn, many of these kids turned to destructive ways of coping and some of them tragic.  I saw many times the fallout of their subsequent bad choices and yearned to teach them that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Kids need to know there is hope, change, a different world waiting, real opportunity, that they are valuable, loved, have a place in this world and can make a difference.

This Brand New Day offers a special program for youth combining spiritual wisdom, education, encouragement, inspiration, alternative thinking, and freedom from the destructive decisions and thinking that sometime accompany the teen and young adult years.  Frequently these negative behaviors in youth accompany life traumas in which youth turn to destructive means as a way to cope.  Life doesn’t have to be this way and we are here to help liberate youth from making these self-destructive decisions and empower them through positive thinking and behavior that allows for a life beyond what they thought was possible. Our goal is to create a turning point away from the downward spiral of wrong choices.

Our program utilizes the fundamental teachings, principles  and concepts of combined programs and teachings from the best and most respected new thought teachers.  We teach options to deter the direction of self-destruction and create permanent change by focusing on a completely different way of thinking and living that is reflective of  your highest potential. Our goal is to educate youth about the realities of substance abuse and the consequences of making the wrong decisions through a cooperative and pervasive group of people who have been there and know what they are teaching.  Our Intervention Specialists come from a place of lived experienced for the very life challenges youth are going through.  There is nothing like experience to hit home with the message.

Whatever it is…genes, history, upbringing, or even long term wrong beliefs, don’t have to equal your future destiny.  You can break through these past barriers and create a brand new world

Our message is this:  No matter how bad life may seem when things go wrong, one thing is certain…life changes.  Broken lives can heal and broken relationships can mend. The teen and young adult years are a time of rapid change, confusion, and struggle.  You are not alone in your challenges.  What you need to know is that there is a better way.  Life is about learning, consequences, lessons, overcoming, perception and alternate choices. Through proper education life can change for the better. You don’t have to suffer and cause suffering for those who love you just because you made mistakes in the past. Whatever has happened in your past, you can walk out of your history and into a more fulfilling life.

“It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Tony Robbins

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