Photo by: Jenna

“A spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropist, animal and nature lover, and writer with a financial consultant background.  My passion is turning my past experience and wisdom into a springboard for helping people through my websites, presentations, classes and books.  I am the Founder of This Brand New Day “Beyond” Program and my five websites that are dedicated to making this world a better place. 

I’m someone who has been through hell and done something with it.  I don’t like to see people or animals suffer because I know that long-term suffering is not necessary. Way too sensitive for my own good but putting it to good use.   I do this because I know I can make a difference.  This is long past due but life is not over yet.”

People ask me…who I am and why I do what I do with my Program and my websites.  I simply, sincerely want to help, encourage and teach people how to have a better life.  My desire comes from life-long adversity and challenge that actually was trying to tell me what my purpose was.  However, it took a heartbreaking turn of events approximately twelve years ago that solidified what my purpose in life was…to help people understand that:

“No matter what has been in your life up till now…

all the mistakes, all the wrong choices

all the wrong people, all the missed opportunity,

all the heartache, all the pain…

Has nothing to do with what still can be”

It has taken me eleven years to build up to starting this program with all the study and accumulation of information needed.  However, all this study and knowledge only augmented my experience.  There is no better teacher and no replacement for experience. Actually, I think my whole life was preparing me for this. 

I’ve heard is said that we teach what we need and I can tell you sincerely that with every presentation, every post I am re-inspired as to my message.  I love seeing people have a renewed sense of hope and faith that life will be better.  I think I get more out of that than they do! 

You can visit my websites…all connected to this page, to learn more about my Program, my philosophy and to be inspired about life from my posts.

My Program is appropriate for anyone who desires to have a better life and will do whatever it takes to get there.  Anyone who feels lost, stuck, confused, discouraged, afraid, feels like giving up or as if they don’t matter.  My Program is not faith-based and is open to any faith or philosophy. I welcome people society has forgotten or pushed aside:  youth, substance abusers, homeless, poor, disabled, vets.

Never compromise your dreams and beliefs…