ATTITUDE:  Will make or break you, change your life for better or worse.  Challenge your negative, self-sabotaging thoughts because you are not your thoughts.  Thing positive thoughts in place of negative thoughts….whether you believe them or not.  There is power in controlling your attitude.

ADVERSITY:  Have to learn to handle the downtimes…everyone experiences adversity, disappointment, heartache, stress, or depression.  But they don’t last.  You can’t blame yourself for what is out of your control.  Analyze the meaning you give to adversity.  And remember that there really is a reason for what you are going through so do something good with the adversity to change your life. 

 RELATIONSHIPS:  This is another area of life that will make or break you and change your life for better or worse.  People thrive in good relationships and subsist in bad relationships.  Be careful who you chose to stay in your life.

“The people you let into your life and allow them to stay

will make your life heaven or hell on earth”


EMOTIONS:  This is a tough one because emotions are central to your life.  They are prominent and powerful.  But you don’t have to be at the mercy of your emotions….they can be handled.  Walk away and think about what you are feeling.  Sometimes just the act of walking away will calm you down and put a different perspective on what you are feeling.  Good emotions need to be handled as well as bad emotions.  However, bad emotions are the primary concern.  The bad emotions, for example, of anger, jealousy, revenge, etc. can be disastrous if acted upon without trying to control them.  Whatever you are feeling, it will pass so give it time.

Emotional intelligence is more important than IQ

 HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF:  I call this the “selfs”.  The “selfs: are everything that you feel about yourself…self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, self-awareness, etc.  This is an area that will affect everything you do…from finding a job to finding a relationship.  NEVER belittle yourself or think you don’t matter.  Anyone who has suffered from their own destructive decisions is going to feel bad about themselves.  You have to leave this behind and start over.  If it is necessary, make up for what you feel you have done to yourself and others.  But anyone who truly cares about you doesn’t care about the past…only that you are doing well and trying now.