Here’s to the people who:

Let go of what’s not in their best interest even though it’s difficult

Believe in the unseen and the possibilities of tomorrow

Know that truth is easier than covering up

Turn problems into challenges

Understand that not all people have the strength to overcome it alone

Know that good people sometimes make bad decisions, but are not bad people

Don’t wallow in suffering

Know that who you spend time with is who you become

Believe in themselves even if others don’t

Have the strength to change their story

Respect the elderly because they realize that wisdom and experience comes with age

Decide it’s the beginning instead of the end

Are different and don’t care what others think

Realize that freedom comes with doing life your way instead of following

Don’t stop just because they failed 100 times

Say yes when told no

Recover and are proud of their achievement

Realize that broken is temporary

Who use fear as motivation

Value family and people because they are your life

Put money in its place

Who are relentless in spite of the odds

Who decide that a boring, unfulfilling  job is not worth the money

Who finally say “enough” even though late in life

That compassion and giving benefits them more than their recipients

Practice the magic of gratitude and appreciation

Don’t let others control them

Ignore toxic people because they don’t want to be stupid like them

Are open-minded about everything

Who treat themselves because they are worth it

Know that there is still love and life after devastating loss

Give all types of negativity a proper burial

Stand up for themselves

Who know happiness is still possible after tragedy

Will not allow limitations to impede their dreams

Revel in the beauty and serenity of nature and animals

Who don’t give up in spite of being at bottom

Love life no matter what

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