Life is Better Sober. Time to Start Living

addiction is a family disease

“Life is better sober.   Sober up and stop killing yourselves and each other.

Time to start living”


Yesterday there was an article I posted from Sober Nation about the effects of addiction on family. This is just a reminder that everyone knows someone who suffers from addiction…whether it is street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs. They are not the losers of the world, they are normal everyday people who for some reason made bad choices and the addiction snuck up on them.

Addiction is recognized as a disease because once addicted, it’s very difficult to deal with quitting.  However, addiction can be treated and people can remain sober forever.  The short-term pain and discomfort of detox and rehab leads to long-term life.  No one wants to be an addict, but they sometimes feel helpless in their addiction. And addicts are very sensitive about their disease.

However, this may be a sensitive statement, but addicts need to quit defending their addiction as a disease, say yes to help, and get back into life.  Ask anyone who has how much better it feels to be sober.

So just reach out to people who are suffering, because we all can make a difference. And one person’s concern may be all that is needed to turn a life around.

What can you do today to make a difference in someone’s life who needs help?