This is Supposed to Scare You

I hope it does…

Two Stories

My Brother shared the following story about his neighbor’s son.  As an older couple with only one child, they have lived with a broken heart for twelve years.  Twelve years ago, their son was a happy married man with a small child.  He had a good job and was living the American dream life.  He had never been in any trouble in his life and never been arrested.

One night after drinking too much with friends, he drove home, got into an accident with another car and killed the driver.  In this country if a person is driving under the influence and injures or kills a person it means automatic jail time.  For killing the other driver in this accident the son received a prison term of fifteen years to life.  He is now in his twelfth year and has a minimum of three years left.  His wife divorced him and he has not seen his child in many years.

Drinking and driving is way to costly a chance to take.  Do you really need to drink.  If so, don’t drive.

If this doesn’t make a person afraid to drink and drive, I don’t know what will.

Second Story

A personal friend told me the story of her nephew.  He was injured while working in construction and hurt his back.  His doctor prescribed Oxycontin, a very powerful and addicting pain killer.  The doctor kept allowing the prescription to be renewed and then suddenly would not allow any further prescriptions to be filled.

(This happens more frequently than it should that doctors prescribe far too long addicting prescriptions to the point that the patient ends up with a dependency problem.  Some of these prescriptions such as pain killers and benzodiazepines are very powerful and the patient becomes dependent, finding it difficult to withdraw from using the medicine.  Be careful when taking addicting class medications and question your doctors prescriptions…it’s your life)

The nephew was also a married man with a small child, working and living a normal American life.  He also had never been in any trouble with the law in his life.  However, by the time his doctor withdrew his prescription, the nephew was already addicted to the Oxycontin and couldn’t function without it.  He found some of the medication illegally however, the supply was not enough.  So out of sheer desperation and irrational thinking because of the horrible physical withdrawals, he robbed a pharmacy using a gun.  Also in this country, “use a gun, go to jail” is the law.  He is serving an eight year sentence.

He didn’t have to make that choice to rob the pharmacy as there is help for people who are addicted to any kind of drug or alcohol abuse.  However, drugs change a person and frequently they are irrational in their thinking and do things they never would do otherwise.

Two stories, similar in nature, and heartbreaking.  Is it worth it to take a chance that could end up so tragically?

“Your decisions make your life and they change your life. 

Your decisions can destroy you or evolve you. 

Be careful of your decisions as your well-being depends on them”