Just Forever Say NO Dammit

I’ve heard it said that substance abuse addictions are a disease

I’ve heard is said that once an addict, always an addict

I’ve heard it said that addicts are recovered but never cured

I’ve heard the stories of relapse twenty years after recovery

I’ve heard all the excuses why someone should forever identify themselves as a recovered but not cured addict

It hurts to hear this philosophy

I admire the person who is an addict and decides to successfully take that difficult road to recovery

Even if they relapse fifteen times before they are successful

I’ve known addicts who are beautiful people just making bad decisions

They deserve a good life just like anyone else

They deserve to be substance abuse free

They deserve a happy life

They deserve to leave their past addicted life behind

Then perhaps they should stop identifying as being an addict

What if you told yourself you are cured and identified with that…just what if?

Afterall, many diseases are cured

So what do I know about addiction? 

I was addicted to prescription Ativan.  I had no idea I was becoming addicted. I was simply taking the medication as prescribed and suddenly I couldn’t live without it.  I was sick…very sick from this medicine.  But I made the decision to quit, tapered down myself, and left Ativan behind. 

Today I know I am cured and no one is going to tell me differently…


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