You DO Deserve

Don’t ever feel you don’t deserve the best of everything. 

That thinking alone will keep you from having all good things. 

Whatever you feel you may have done in the past that you need to punish yourself for can be changed. 

You can change and life can change. 

We all make mistakes, take wrong turns, make stupid decisions, and sometimes hurt others in our pursuit of personal pleasure and selfish instant gratification. 

But here is where we learn. 

And you can always say you’re sorry, I will do better next time.

Don’t ever feel you don’t deserve. 

The better you treat yourself, the better you will feel, the better life will get, and you will share your new world with others. 

Oh yes…you do deserve all good things

You just have to believe it.

What can you do today to start deserving?

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Love of Horses - the Netherlands – Iván Maigua

Love of Horses – the Netherlands – Iván Maigua