Quantity Time is just as Important as Quality Time when it comes to Raising Children

If you are a young parent, this is one of the most important things to remember about your time with your children.  You will regret the times you didn’t spend with your children that you spent on responsibilities or obligations. 

Listen to them, even though what they are talking about isn’t interesting to you.

Play Barbies or ball with them even though its boring.

Go to the school events, the plays, the ballgames.

Be there when they need to talk…what else is more important

And just love them no matter what

As time goes by, all the little things they make for you and the memories become so precious

It all goes so fast and then you look back and frequently regret. But if you did your best there is no need to regret

Quantity time is just as important as Quality time when it comes to raising children

a day with your child notsalmon